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The vacuum mattress is less bulky, more hygienic and more economical:

Many of customers ask why the vacuum mattress is the best. Do further reading on Sleep Junkie.

The vacuum mattress is rolled and packed, resembles a large cylinder or a soft tube. The height of the cylinder will be equal to the width of the mattress. So if we buy a 90x200 mattress, we will have a cylinder less than 1 meter high and about half a meter thick. This can fit comfortably in the trunk of practically every type of car on the market, as it can be easily transported by a single person up flights of stairs, in an elevator and pass easily from the doors.

The vacuum mattress also guarantees that the hygienic conditions present at the time of production that by law must be practically perfect. Packing the vacuum mattress the air is expelled, so that the state of the product is the same between the time of packaging and delivery.

Remaining under vacuum, the mattress will be protected from attack and infestation by bacteria, viruses and aerobic deteriorating agents (which require air to move). That is arriving at the destination in conditions of maximum hygiene possible.

Moreover, always due to the fact that it takes up less space, therefore less volume, the vacuum mattress is also cheaper, since the delivery costs, given the limited space it occupies, can be entirely borne by the seller. So if you want to buy a vacuum mattress easily shipping will be free; so the whole purchase will be cheaper and advantageous for the same quality.

Vacuum packing is also good for the environment:

With the vacuum mattress the overall dimensions of an important article are significantly reduced. But the usefulness of packing the vacuum mattress does not stop there.

Reducing the size of the mattress to about ΒΌ of the original ones makes the delivery more practical and convenient. The vacuum mattress makes it possible to make the most of the spaces of the containers and the load compartment of the trucks. In this way the number of transportable products is greater compared to a mattress in normal conditions? From this it follows that delivery times are significantly reduced.